Monday, December 31, 2012

Let it SNOW!

It's snowing again today. On top of the approximately 2 feet we already have on the ground. And that's just fine with me. I'm not over it yet. ;-) (Hope I never get over it.)

We're enjoying it. The girls tried to make snow angels, but it was so deep, we almost lost Gracie on her first "plop." :-D

Macy decided to do hers face down so she could push herself out without having to kick and squirm too much and mess it up.

Then we headed back to the "back 40" for some sledding. (It's hillier than it looks in the picture.)

Our weapon of choice for this adventure:

Gracie's first.

A little slow at first until we establish a "track," but still fun.

Have you guys met our pet panda? :-D

NOW we're making some progress! Nice grooves.

Let's try the higher hill now. . .

Yep. We like this one. :-D

Every time Macy gave Dad a push-start, she pretty much face-planted. It made us all giggle--even her. She was a very good sport. 

Our very own Griswold family Christmas tree:

Just a few things close by that I thought were pretty:

I LOVE the snow-capped mountain.

Headed back home to thaw out with some hot chocolate:

Dad thought it was his turn to be pulled.

What's the problem?

MUSH! (Just kidding, of course, but Grace played it up pretty well, didn't she? ;-)

Dad's audience while he was digging out the car:

Macy went back out again later, and this happened in a matter of minutes. So fluffy!

Once we were all thawed out and cozy inside, these are some shots I was able to get from the windows. (I couldn't get enough!)

16 inches and counting!

One of my favorites:

The next day we had some errands to run, but when we got home, Dad was inspired to dig a little track closer to the house so we could get in a few runs before dark. SO MUCH FUN!

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I discovered your blog last night. I sure have enjoyed your photos and your info. I have learned some good tips too...I have visited your church twice on my way up and back from Burlington area from NJ to visit my daughter... And all because of reading your husbands books. ..I grew up in N. florida..Pensacola. i love Community Coffee too! I always bring it back home when i visit Pensacola. i like the coffee with chicory which you can only buy near cajun country....You have a beautiful family. i love the way New England is going to explode with the gospel because of the Wilsons planted in that tiny hamlet of Middletown Springs. Blessings, Maureen Enderlin