Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Good List 1-2-13

10. My Yonanas frozen treat maker. I'm typically pretty skeptical about such things, but I got a firsthand recommendation from a good friend on this one, and I couldn't agree more. It's a miracle! This thing turns pure fresh fruit into the most wonderful treats that are the exact consistency and creaminess of soft serve frozen yogurt. YAY for the healthiest "ice cream" ever in 2013 and beyond! :-D
9. It recently occurred to me that I haven't worn a watch since I moved to Vermont a little over 2-1/2 years ago, and it hasn't been a problem. Of course that doesn't mean I never have anywhere to be or anything to do at specific times, but let's just say that most of my appointments these days are much less "urgent," and I like it.
8. All the "best of" lists people post on their blogs this time of year. Gives me a great list of books and movies and recipes, etc. to try in 2013. :-D
7. My resourceful and creative kiddos. Macy came into the living room with 6 sheets of my scrapbook paper the other night and asked if she could use them. I told her sure. Just a few minutes later, she showed me this. WOW! So cool!

6. A few days ago, my sweet friend Gail approached me with a huge envelope of clippings that she had gathered from all of the local papers regarding the Annie production Macy was in a few weeks ago. (She must know I'm a freakish scrapbooker.) What a treasure!
5. A new job for my big sis. Closer to home and with a much more "normal" schedule. So glad to know she will get some time back instead of spending so much of her life commuting and juggling ever-changing schedules.
4. This picture of Macy, which I'm certain will make me giggle for years to come. 

3. Before Christmas, Macy scoured sale papers for weeks, then gathered up all of her allowance and asked me to take her shopping for her cousins and her family. The very first thing she bought was this gift to me. A Charlie Brown Christmas tree. What a special memory this will be when I pull out all of my Christmas decorations every year! So sweet.

2. Getting to live with my favorite people in the whole wide world. THANK YOU for my family, Lord!

1. Reflecting on 2012 and being struck by the thought that the theme seemed to be, "God is near." There were exciting and thrilling highs. There were painful and scary lows. Mostly there were lots of experiences somewhere in between. But through it all, God was near. And to be clear, he always has been. I know that. But last year I ran to him and reached for him and recognized him far more quickly than I have in the past. For that I am grateful. Praying for an even greater shaping of my heart in that direction during 2013.

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