Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Good List 1-23-13

Last week I traveled to Texas to surprise my Mom during her 65th birthday celebration. It was one of the sweetest and most special weekends ever. This list is brought to you by that experience. :-D

10. Finding Community Coffee (the best coffee in the world in my opinion) now available in flavored grounds. YUM! I got some French Vanilla and Pecan Praline to bring home with me.

9. My brother-in-law overheard me talking to my Dad about how sad I was that I took for granted (when I was little) all those pecan trees on the property I grew up on in Louisiana. (What I wouldn't give these days to be able to pick a pound of pecans right out of my yard.) BUT Mickey pulled a huge bag out of his freezer for me and said he could get more from his Dad's property. THANKS, MICK!
8. Mexican food. Or more accurately, Tex-Mex. You just can't get that kind of food in the Northeast. (but I still don't want to leave here :-D)
7. Having a Plants vs. Zombies tournament with Ty during our road trip to Lake Charles. Good times.
6. Pedicures with my sisters. (Vick was there too. She took the picture.)

5. Watching football and having a cup of coffee with my Dad. Doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like, but I'm grateful when it does.
4. I "just happened" to be there right when one of my sisters needed me most. Some would say coincidence. I say divine intervention. Love you, A!

3. Seeing some of my cousins and an aunt and uncle that I hadn't hugged in years. So fun!

2. Giggling with my family to the point of tears over and over and over again. Best feeling ever.

1. TOTALLY surprising my Mom. She had no clue whatsoever we were showing up. (I had talked to her on the phone the night before.) She cried and cried and announced in a voice that made her seem like an 8-year-old at Disneyworld, "This is my best birthday ever!" Awesome to make her feel so loved when she spends her whole life making sure everyone else is loved. Precious memories.

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