Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Good List 12-18-13

10. Looking forward to the winter olympics in just a few weeks. Somehow more fun to watch since moving to the frozen tundra. ;-)
9. I just learned that Community K-cups exist! How did I not know this sooner? Best coffee ever!

8. Ping Pong. I haven't played in way too long, but I want to. Who has a table?
7. A care package from Choremonster, because they noticed the girls had been doing a good job with their "brushing teeth" chore. (Huh? This was a weird, but nice surprise.)

6. Arthur Christmas, a recent addition (last year, I think) to our annual Christmas "must watch" list. Sweet and fun.
5. A little taste of Texas from the in-laws. Thanks, Jeremy and Danielle!

4. Ordering my Christmas cards for FREE (thanks to a Groupon I purchased in November, but it was a GREAT deal!)
3. Home Free's performance of Ring of Fire Monday night. Seriously ridiculous (by which I mean amazing). Are y'all watching The Sing-Off? If not, ummm. . .  why not? Get on that, K?

2. Friends who love my children well. Such a blessing to me. Like this little sweetness from our precious "Miss Rachel" in Tennessee. Made Macy and Grace's day!

1. In just 10 days, all of the crazy people will be together in Tennessee for a huge Methvin family (after) Christmas week-long party. Good times. Can't wait!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Good List 12-11-13

10. Arm knitting. Pretty cool. 

9. Old maps. Why do I love them so? 
8. Christmas Songs by Sinatra. Sing to me, Frank!

7. Macy got her school-assigned iPad earlier this week. She currently thinks she's a rock star.
6. Christmas movies. Eventually we'll have to watch them year-round to fit in all our favorites.
5. The Sing-Off. So much fun to watch!
4. Musical people. They make me happy.
3. Being reminded of this this week. I still giggle every single time I watch it.
Post by Becky Methvin Wilson.

2. Macy's winter concert is tonight. I love it when she sings.
1. Meal planning for our epic WHOLE FAMILY after-Christmas getaway in Tennessee. My parents, all of my sisters, our boys and all of our kids. I'm already giggling just imagining the shenanigans.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Good List 12-4-13

10. A grilled shrimp spinach salad with avocado. It's kind of perfect really. Also: equally as delectable with scallops. And adding bacon doesn't ruin it either.
9. The conversations I get to have because of my crazy hair. Never a dull moment.
8. Macy and Grace are registered for Camp Tapawingo 2014. They're so excited!
7. Remembering Macy's role as "Duffy" in the Annie production at The Paramount this time last year. Such a fun time!

6. My friend Catherine's latest book release. A precious 52-week Bible storybook complete with a Family Talk Time and Memory Verse for each week. May I suggest this would make a lovely Christmas gift for many on your list?

5. There is a youth group party Thursday night, and Macy has already lined up 2 friends from school to join her. ;-) 
4. A Thanksgiving Day phone call from my friend Tyrone. He makes me giggle like few others. Love that brother.
3. We got our first Christmas card yesterday from the preciousness that is the McLemore family. I love them so much.

2. The Claboughs are coming to see us! In March! (See what I did there, Mike and Melissa? Now it's public information, so you can't back out. Yeah buddy.)
1. Anne is joyfully home. I miss her, but I'm so happy for her!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Anne is Joyfully Home

Today she will dance with Jesus. Maybe she already has. She will hold his hand. She'll look into his eyes and find there the purest love she's ever known. Today she will sing glorious praise. Today she will feel no pain and know no sorrow. Rather she will glow with radiant joy. I think maybe I can hear her laughing. (She has such a great laugh.) I bet she found Peter and David right away and gave them a big hug. She always had such a soft spot in her heart for people who just needed to be heard. I wonder if she's tending the most epic garden ever. Surely she is growing us plenty of tomatoes and basil for when we join her. I hope her first meal there was ice cream. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite. 

I wish I could see her face. 

I wish I could hold her hand.

I wish I could hug her again. I know I will one day, but I wish I didn't have to wait.

I don't know why her beautiful life ended the way it did, but this I do know: CANCER DID NOT WIN. It simply rushed her into the arms of her Savior sooner than we would have liked. Her cancer is OVER, but her glorious, eternal life in paradise has just begun. And it will never end.

We are sad, but she is not. And she never will be again. Thank you, Jesus.

I love you so much, Anne. So very much. I always will. I'll see you soon, and I can't wait!