Friday, December 30, 2011

For My Husband. . . For My Pastor. . .

In 2012 and beyond. . .

. . . I pray that God will illuminate scripture to you daily in a way that dazzles your heart and captures your imagination.
. . . I pray for inexplicable amounts of energy when all factors indicate you should be tired--especially on Monday mornings. ;-)
. . . I pray that I will know how to encourage you every single day of the year, even if some days it's only in the smallest ways.
. . . I pray for beautifully refreshing rest when you need it most.
. . . I pray that God will show you fruit from your labor, but that you will not tire of the good work you're doing even if He chooses not to.
. . . I pray that your congregation will learn from you and you from them in a gorgeous picture of Acts 2 living.
. . . I pray that our children will grow and walk in faith throughout the year.
. . . I pray that your writing will inspire people to love Christ and the Gospel more.
. . . I pray that we will experience the kind of growth in our church that reflects more people having a deeper knowledge of Christ regardless of attendance.
. . . I pray for strong friendships with men of God who love you honestly and authentically.
. . . I pray for wisdom beyond your years and experience during counseling sessions with those who seem hopeless.
. . . I pray that you will get to see the rapturous freedom in someone's eyes the moment they realize who they are in Christ for the first time.
. . . I pray for protection over our family, especially when we are apart from each other.
. . . I pray that you will find joy and fulfillment in hard work, but also that you will have time to delight in play.
. . . I pray for quality alone time for us as a couple.
. . . I pray for quality together time for our family.
. . . I pray for safety in travel throughout the year.
. . . I pray that your words will be sure, confident, and Christ-honoring during conferences, radio interviews, and other similar experiences.
. . . I pray for your health--mental, physical, and emotional, but mostly spiritual.
. . . I pray that you will never stray from your stubborn desire to make the Gospel the center of all of your teaching.
. . . I pray for an uncanny ability to love difficult people.
. . . I pray for a multitude of encouragers (but not pride-builders) to surround you.
. . . I pray for moments that make you say/think "Look what Jesus did!" on a regular basis.
. . . I pray that the establishment of an elder board in our church will come to fruition with exactly the right men to lead us on toward the greater work God has for us here in Vermont/New England.
. . . I pray for lots of FUN throughout the year--in all different shapes and sizes and involving all kinds of people.
. . . I pray against doubt and fear.
. . . I pray against pride and self-absorption.
. . . I pray against anger and frustration.
. . . I pray for the fruits of the spirit to become more deeply rooted in you and more evident to others every single day.
. . . I pray that I will be worthy of my calling to walk beside you in this ministry (ONLY by the grace of God).
. . . I THANK GOD for giving you to me and me to you.

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