Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Good List 1-4-12

10. Gift card shopping. It's so much more fun than spending *real* money. ;-)
9. The Adventures of TinTin. Action PACKED and lots of fun! Also perfectly set up for a sequel. Nice.
8. The scrumptious smell of my new blueberry muffin candle. I want to wear it as a necklace so the fragrance can waft into my nostrils all day long. (That probably wouldn't work, huh?)
7. Watching Drew Brees break the record for total passing yards in a single season. Yes. AND it was on the MNF season finale for this year. Yes again. And as usual, he responded with class. Yes of course. Love that guy!
6. The word "dazzle." I would suggest that it's underused except that I think it might lose some of its dazzle if it were used too often.
5. Midnight in Paris. What an excellent film!
4. Jared's new toy: Kindle Touch. And I'm glad he sees fit to share it with his wife. :-D
3. MY new toy: a *quiet* elliptical. My treadmill served me well for a long time, but this is so much quieter and less abusive to my old house floors than the treadmill. And possibly an even better workout if you use it right. 
2. The mug from my friend Amy on which she hand-painted a scene from some of my recent photography. Coolest gift ever. (I forgot to load a picture, and I'm not currently at home, but I will add one later. It deserves to be admired. ;-) )
1. Watching Leave it to Beaver with Macy and Grace. Somehow all of life slows down when we do this.

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