Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good List 1-18-12

10. The bags of bagel chips that our local grocery store makes from day-old bagels and sells for just $1/bag. They have plain, sweet and savory versions, and all of them are scrumptious. What a great deal!
9. White chocolate popcorn. If you dig the whole sweet and salty thing, this is for you. Three ingredients and 10 minutes to utter deliciousness. Y'all don't even KNOW! :-D
8. Tim Tebow. To be clear, I don't think he's Football Jesus, I haven't constructed a pedestal upon which to place a portrait of him, I don't think he's perfect or expect him to be, and I don't think or expect that his faith will have any bearing on how many football games he wins in his lifetime. I DO think that he is a genuine guy who is doing his best to honor Christ with his life as humbly and graciously and authentically as he can, and for that I am grateful.
7. Good, THOROUGH doctors whom you can tell really want to help rather than just write you a prescription and rush you out the door.
6. Two hour delays on school days. Not as much fun as getting the whole day off, but at least it makes for a snuggly morning.
5. Lemon-Thyme bread. Y'all. I can't even explain this heavenly treat. It is to be experienced, not described.
4. When our travels take us to old friends we otherwise might not ever get to visit. I just learned that I will get to hug my friend Brianna when we visit St. Louis for an Acts29 conference in April. Awesome.
3. Watching Macy's basketball games. Fun to see her enjoying a new experience.
2. A nice long conversation with my Trish last night. Miss you, girl! COME SEE ME!!!
1. Friends and family who pray. What an amazing comfort!


Wading Across said...

Well whaddya know. You'll be in my neck of the woods then. Don't think we'd be able to meet then though. Never know... anyhow...

Don't know how long you'll be in the Lou, but if you've never been, there's plenty to do around here for free or cheap. St. Louis is very family friendly/oriented.

Becky said...

We'll actually only be there for one night. "Conference" is probably the wrong word for the A29 event. More of a regional meeting probably. Just a couple days. But we are really looking forward to it! And like you said, you never know. . . maybe a longer visit soon.