Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prayer Time 1-24-12

I am so grateful for those who lifted up my prayer requests last week. Here is an update:

All of Macy's labwork came back NORMAL. This was such a huge answer to our prayers. We are left to believe that she has some sort of minor allergy and will schedule a follow-up appointment with an allergist soon, but she does not have the condition we first feared (angio-edema). So grateful.

Mrs. Daisy is still in the hospital waiting for results from the Mayo Clinic in MN (which she should receive today). She is currently cancer free, which is a huge praise, but they are looking for answers as to how to get her white blood cell counts up and stabilized once she is released from the hospital (she has been there for quite awhile now). Also, through all of this, somehow she never loses her joy. I think this is because she knows Whose she is. Another praise for sure. I would appreciate ongoing prayer for strength and healing for her.

Sweet Mrs. Betsy is healing slowly at home. She did face some infection last week, and this is a slow process for her, but she loves Jesus and depends on Him as much as anybody I know, so that helps her in her journey. But please pray that her recovery will move along rapidly, that comfort and strength will come quickly, and that SOON she will find herself feeling healthier than she has in a very long time.

As I remember these and other requests today, please let me know what I may add to my list on your behalf. It is my honor to pray for you. (As always, comments on this post will not be published publicly for the sake of those concerned with privacy.)

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