Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Good List 12-19-12

10. The super sweet tiny little notecards Michael's sells in their bargain bins. Perfect for lunch box notes.
9. The package my sister Vickie sent to ME with the message "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS" because she doesn't trust Jody. Bahahahaha!

8. The "pillanket" Macy made last week. Not as big as a blanket, but big enough to add some insulation when she needs it. Not as "poofy" as a pillow, but stuffed enough to make a soft place to lay her head. Love her creativity and craftiness!

7. Gracie's cleverness and creativity. The message on the back says, "Have a Merry Christmas whether it's sunny or snowy!" (And since the card is going to Texas, she drew a melted snowman on the back. :-D) 

6. Downton Abbey is almost back! I miss their voices.
5. Macy made Grace a felt "manipulatives" board to help her have fun learning some of the things she will face at school during the next couple years. Sweet.

4. The handbell version of O Come All Ye Faithful we were treated to at church last week. I am a fan of handbells.
3. The incredible support Macy felt during her Annie performances last weekend. SO MANY people from our church and school and community attended and made her feel so special! And her cousin Dylan even dressed up for the show! Awesome.

2. After all the craziness of the last couple months, we leave tomorrow for a quick family getaway before Christmas. SO looking forward to some relaxed, undistracted family time.
1. My beautiful, amazing friend Erin and the gorgeous miracle of hope and peace that she is even in the midst of her husband's battle with stage 4 brain cancer.

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