Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prayer Time 12/18/12

Today just as in the last several days, I'm crying out to God for families in Connecticut and far beyond who lost loved ones last Friday. It's incomprehensible. And I know no combination of words from me will change that. So instead of talking, I'm praying. From the gut. For the healing and comfort that only God can bring. Won't you join me?

And please let me know if you have requests of your own by leaving them in the comments section. And please DON'T hesitate to add your requests just because you think they are less important than the recent tragedy in CT. God can handle all of our requests at once. He won't have to neglect his work in Connecticut in order to give attention to prayers on your behalf, no matter how small they may seem by comparison. What a gloriously powerful and immense yet personal God we serve!

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