Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Good List 12-5-12

10. A tomato, olive and basil omelette? Yes, please! Why have I never thought of this combination before? It's YUMMY!
9. The way Gracie still takes such good care of her stuffed animals. I know she's growing up, but this seems to slow that process a little, and that is a good thing for her Mom. 
8. These guys. I leave them out all year round, but for some reason they seem much more at home during the holidays. Not even sure that makes sense, but there you have it. 

7.  The non-stop baking that tends to happen in my house this time of year. The kitchen pretty much stays a mess, but it sure smells good!
6. Finding "Mickey's Christmas Carol" on tv this year and locking it onto our DVR. And BONUS--we've looked for it on DVD for years and finally found it on Amazon for just $9.99. Awesome.
5. While Macy has been at her Annie rehearsals, Gracie has been using her time to make homemade Christmas gifts. I have no idea what's in all those bags, but she is super excited about them!

4. A quick, but special little getaway for our family is on the calendar. Since Macy has had Annie rehearsals every single Saturday and Sunday since October (including Thanksgiving weekend), we thought it would be good to spend a couple days all together with no distractions. I'm SO looking forward to together time!
3. A play date with this little beauty and her sweet Mom and precious baby brother. Fun times!

2. I got the hard copy of THIS in the mail yesterday. So special! A beautiful documentation (mostly done by my ever efficient big sister--Thanks, Vick!) of our huge family Christmas ALL TOGETHER in Vermont last year. It was priceless. And something we want to remember FOREVER! This will help.
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1. The HUGE hugs I get every Sunday morning (and throughout the week) from all these cold, stoic Vermonters. ;-) I adore these people!

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