Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Good List 2012

Since this is my last Good List of 2012, it seemed appropriate to me to recap a bit. These lists are never really in any particular order, but I do usually save the top 2 or 3 spots for something a little more significant than a new coffee flavor or a commercial that makes me giggle. ;-) So with that in mind, I thought I would list here all of my #1's from each of 2012's Good Lists. I'm curious. . .

Here we go. . .

1-4-12: Watching Leave It to Beaver with Macy and Grace. Somehow all of life slows down when we do this.

1-11-12: This. I've seen it many times. Wrecks me every time. Well worth 5 minutes of your time. OH that we would all receive the Word of God with such joy!

1-18-12: Friends and family who pray. What an amazing comfort!

1-25-12: Sweet time with Jesus in the middle of the night. Usually what wakes me up or keeps me awake is something stressful, but recently I've been wide awake in the middle of the night for no other reason it seemed than to have Christ hold me close. So good. So so good.

2-1-12: My sister and bro-in-law just BOUGHT A HOUSE within walking distance of our church. I guess this means they love it here and want to stay awhile. I wonder if you can hear the gladness in my heart. It's so LOUD right now! Awesome.

2-8-12: When God drops provision right into my lap when I wasn't even pursuing it. This time through my friend Becky. Thank you, Lord AND thank you, Becky!

2-15-12: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. The Gospel. Of FIRST importance. Not a side note. Not the thing you get to if you have time. Not something you graduate from and then move on. Of FIRST importance. Always.

2-22-12: Jared, who teaches me more about Jesus, grace, and true love every single day. He spoke 5 times last weekend (about things I've heard many times before), and STILL I enjoyed every single second of it.

2-29-12: RealLife Church in Philadelphia, Pastor Rob Burns, and everyone we met this week who is involved in their ministry there. Quality folks for sure. Grateful to have spent time with them.

3-7-12: The Gospel. The only thing that matters really.

3-14-12: David, Sarah, Jack AND Tyrone have tickets to Vermont in May! Family reunion! So excited!

3-21-12: 2 Timothy 3:16-17. All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

3-28-12: Jeremy and Danielle are married!

4-4-12: Grandmom and Granddad will be here in just "7 sleeps." Five little munchkins are about to burst! (And their parents are pretty excited too.)

4-25-12: THIS. It is still making me giggle. Go here if you're interested in the story behind all this silliness. 

5-2-12: Grace. Exquisite, extravagant, lavish, eternal grace.

5-9-12: The chalkboard verse is working! Last night with no warning (in a different room where they couldn't see it) I quizzed both girls, and they both quoted the verse verbatim! Time for a new verse.

5-16-12: This:

Plus this:

. . . is happening at my house TOMORROW! I am like a child on Christmas Eve!!!

5-23-12: Macy singing "Shine, Jesus, Shine" at church on Sunday. Made me cry.

5-30-12: The Middletown Springs Memorial Day Parade. So sweet and simple and special. I LOVE this town!

6-6-12: Elyse Fitzpatrick's Give Them Grace. I have 2 chapters left, but I hate for it to end. SO full of goodness.

6-20-12: First day of SUMMER! Family adventure #1 begins in about an hour. Jo and I are taking the whole crazy bunch tubing. FUN!

6-27-12: Family adventure AND date night in the works for Friday (our anniversary). Excited!

7-4-12: Celebrating so much freedom here in America, especially the freedom to worship Christ. But MOST especially, celebrating the TRUE FREEDOM that we have only *in* Christ.

7-11-12: There is a gentleman who visited our church last fall after not attending *any* church for 44 years. He hasn't missed a Sunday since, and Jared will have the great joy and honor of baptizing him on Sunday. OH, THANK YOU, JESUS!

7-18-12: Our sweet church welcomed 4 new members and witnessed 6 baptisms on Sunday. A miracle any way you look at it. Such a special day!

7-25-12: A savior who comforts and sanctifies simultaneously.

8-1-12: I'm 11 days away from this with the 3 loves of my life. CANNOT WAIT!

8-8-12: My man is HOME. Yes!

8-22-12: Quality family time for 6 days in a row. We've only done that one other time (in 2010), but we sure hope to repeat it every year from now on.

8-29-12: Five little munchkins with varying degrees of excitement over the first day of school, but all in full agreement that they're happy to be doing it together. I love these little people so much!

9-12-12: Apostles Church NYC. Jared and I just got back from spending the weekend with them, and it was such a blessing and encouragement to our hearts. Amazing people serving Christ, each other, and their city with as much love and passion as I've ever seen.

9-19-12: Trish Amazingness Harris. (I'm pretty sure that's not her middle name, but it is certainly applicable.) Yesterday was her birthday, so I tried to love her from afar like this, but I sure wish I could have been there in person to give her at least 3 breaks from her work day with lunch, Gigi's cupcakes, and a Target run. Also a ginormous hug. I love you with all my heart, my sweet and special friend! COME SEE ME!!!

9-26-12: The knitting together of hearts and ministries that God is orchestrating in New England (and other places as well, I'm sure). So refreshing and encouraging.

10-3-12: 25 ladies showed up yesterday for Ladies' Bible Study! This is fantastic in any setting, but when you live in a town of about 700, it's pretty much a miracle! So excited to learn and grow with these special ladies, and especially grateful for the always magnificent Kim Carr leading us.

10-10-12: Standing beside Macy on Sunday mornings as she sings her heart out at church. Every single thing about that scenario makes me happy. I love her beautiful voice. I'm grateful that she enjoys using it as the gift and instrument it is. And I'm THRILLED when she lifts it in worship.

10-24-12: Experiencing a miracle through the prayer support of people LITERALLY all over the world. This never gets old. So grateful Dylan is all better. And for those of you who have missed it, don't worry--the sass is back in full swing!

10-31-12: My Dad. Today is his birthday. I love him more every single year. Seems like he just keeps getting more awesome.

11-7-12: The strong response to our church's new men's discipleship group. Grateful for a church filled with men who love Jesus and long to lead their families (and each other's families) well.

11-14-12: Being married to my favorite person in the whole wide world to spend time with. I know this is a gift and not a reward. Thank you, Lord.

11-21-12: A Savior who loves, saves, lavishes, rescues, redeems, protects, adores. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Truly thankful.

11-28-12: Plans are underway to visit this little studmuffin and his brand new baby brother (due in January) next March. I am beside myself. OH, and I love their parents too! :-D THIS will surely be the highlight of my year!

12-5-12: The HUGE hugs I get every Sunday morning (and throughout the week) from all these cold, stoic Vermonters. ;-) I adore these people!

12-12-12: Praying all day yesterday for 2 different very intense surgeries and then getting praise reports early this morning for both. Continuing to pray, but so grateful for the good news.

12-19-12: My beautiful, amazing friend Erin and the gorgeous miracle of hope and peace that she is even in the midst of her husband's stage 4 brain cancer.

That is a lot to be thankful for. So grateful for God's presence in our lives over the past year. Praying for eyes to recognize Him even more in 2013.

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