Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Good List 12-12-12

10. There is a rural road in New York near the Vermont border called Outatha Way. I'm not even kidding. Awesome.
9. Wrapping Christmas presents while watching our favorite movies. I love that!
8. THIS! I hope it's super accurate (as all weather reports usually are, right? ;-) ) Yay for living in a mostly gray and white state!

7. Duck Dynasty. I was late dialing in on this one, but I totally get it now. I SO wanna hang out with those people.
6. The always fabulous Rachel McRae, who not only remembered a special event in Macy and Grace's lives this week (the upcoming Annie play!), but sent them each a personal note about it. They were so excited!
5. The LifeWay book team (which features the aforementioned Rachel McRae :-D) showing Jared some love. I love those people! (even when they don't do stuff like this.)

4. FINALLY getting a glimpse of the Annie production earlier this week since they rehearsed in a venue with windows on the doors on Monday. :-D Y'all. Macy almost literally SPARKLED during her performance. It brought tears to my eyes to see her so full of joy. She is in her element for sure. First dress rehearsal is tonight. It's gonna be a CRAZY but fun week!
3. So many exciting plans for our family in 2013! Jared and I were "syncing" our calendars earlier this week, and we have so much to look forward to next year! (But make no mistake--I'm in no hurry. 2012 can take its slow, sweet time moving out.)
2. Tony Reinke's "Top Books of 2012" list, featuring my very own Jared C. Wilson's Gospel Deeps. Wow. Pretty overwhelming (in a wonderful way.) I'm so proud of that man and grateful for his gift and the way he chooses to use it.
1. Praying all day yesterday for 2 different very intense surgeries and then getting praise reports early this morning for both. Continuing to pray, but so grateful for the good news.

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Anonymous said...

I hope y'all do get a white Christmas... try to blow some of that down out way!

I have warm fuzzies for making two bullet points in the Good List this week!
- Rachel