Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Good List 2-5-14

10. Excellent report cards from both girls last week. Grateful for the gift of intelligence, but also proud of their discipline and hard work.
9. Last week Gracie's "favorite school cook ever" moved on to a new job. She was sad, but Miss Marianna left a little cookbook for each of the kids, so I can still make all of Gracie's favorite recipes. ;-)

8. SNOW DAY!!! It did not hurt my feelings not to have to dig my car out of the snow this morning. Not a bit. 
7. Captain America 2 coming soon to a theater near you! So cool.

6. Andy Mineo's Neverland. Holy smokes. So good.

5. Racing runner sleds down Mr. Dan's driveway. I did have to wear 3 pairs of pants (literally) and all sorts of other layers, but it was SO MUCH FUN!

4. Grace's creativity. Yesterday I pulled the most random assortment of items from Macy and Grace's pockets while I was doing laundry (the picture on the left). I laid them aside to deal with later, and by the time I got back to them, Grace had done what you see to the right below. So silly.

3. Macy's Mathcounts team won 1st place at their competition last weekend. They'll be competing at the state level next month. She's so excited!

2. New babies on the way everywhere! Just this week, we've heard from 3 couples who are expecting. So fun!
1. Jared is at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis this week. He's pictured below with the other pre-conference speakers. This guy keeps pretty good company, no? ;-) So proud of him!

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