Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Good List 1-29-14

10. Invincible. Pretty good flick. And I didn't realize it was Disney until we started watching it.
9. Ro-tel. It's kind of one of my favorite ingredients. Especially during soup/chili season. Put that deliciousness in every pot. So good.
8. 'Member this? It's still awesome.

7. Honest Toddler. It makes me giggle so much. Here are some of my favorite gems:

"Big Bird looks like Shaq and Tweety Bird had special time."

"I just did the math on sharing. No."

"How do you convince someone to stop pinning Lunch Ideas and start making Actual Lunch?"

"Thought I met the Mayor of Whoville, but it was just a toddler dressed head to toe in Etsy."

"You wanna see separation anxiety? Watch an adult realize they're out of wine."

"'There are starving kids who would love this meal.' Ok, so how do we get it to them?"

"She let pinterest talk her into making No Bake cookies. They taste like damp granola."

"I'm trying not to take it personally that the fastest I see you move all day is when you're getting me ready for bed."

6. Macy's bracelets and charms. She got a Rainbow Loom for Christmas, and she is figuring out how to make all kinds of adorableness.

5. The facebook page my sisters and I set up for my Dad during our recent Tennessee vacation. We posted on his behalf (and without his knowledge) for several days before we finally told him what we were doing. I'm still giggling about this. Actually, giggle is quite the understatement. Here are a few of my favorite entries:

(Note "Dad's" comment under this one:)

(It's possible he wrote us all out of his will after seeing this one:)


(Probably my favorite:)

(Amy's favorite:)

4. Old school sleds. So cool!

3. When Jared asks to use my photography in a project he's working on. Silly, but it makes me feel like I'm contributing a tiny bit to all of his good work. 'Cause Lord knows it will never be my (nonexistent) writing or teaching skills he will need. (and I am quite fine with that.)
2. Another clean brain scan for Matt Chandler. So grateful for his life and ministry.
1. Sisters. They make me happy. 

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