Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Good List 1-22-14

10. Indi's hoodie. We put it on him right before the first play-off game, which the Patriots won more convincingly than we expected them to. (Surely it was the hoodie, right?) I guess not. It didn't work in the championship game. Oh well. Still cute.

9. Using zucchini strips in place of pasta. I couldn't find a spaghetti squash at the grocery store last week (my typical pasta alternative), so I did this instead. I think I liked it even better.

8. This crazy amazing rubber band gun. I will own it some day. Oh yes. It will be mine.

7. Winter. Yeah, it's stupid cold today. Not saying I love negative 11 degrees. I don't. I'm staying inside as much as possible today and drinking much more coffee than I normally would. But without winter, there would be none of this. So yeah. Winter.


6. Gracie's neverending creativity with her Legos. She is always building something. Always. I love that.

5. Gracie's recent Young Scholars project. They had to build structures from nothing but raw spaghetti noodles and marshmallows and see how strong they could make them. Grace's team won tallest structure and strongest structure (they loaded it up to 15 ounces before it collapsed). Pretty fun!

4. Macy got most of her mid-term grades back yesterday. All A's so far. So proud of the way she handled that new experience.
3. This beautiful, precious tribute video created by Anne's son, Mark for her memorial service last week. He is a treasure. She is a treasure. This is a treasure. It's perfect.
2. Jared's next book, The Storytelling God releases next month. Always exciting to see how God might use these offerings. (And I'm totally diggin' the cover.)

1. A GOOD NEWS follow-up yesterday to some scary news about my Dad last week. So grateful for God's answer to those prayers.

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