Monday, January 13, 2014


The biblical story of salvation assaults our worship of success at every point. ~Tim Keller

Are your prayers weak, scrambled, inconsistent, self-centered? Of course they are. . . . [BUT if you are in Christ] the Father hears the perfectly worded, properly believing, and flawlessly theologically correct prayers of his beloved Son when you pray. We can freely pour out our heart to our Father knowing that our dear Savior will purify and transform our words into petitions that please him. . . . Go tell your Father about everything that's in your heart, and don't be afraid. The Lord Jesus is mediating for us all. ~Elyse Fitzpatrick

The child, in danger of the fire, just clings to the fireman, and trusts to him alone. She raises no question about the strength of his limbs to carry her, or the zeal of his heart to rescue her; but she clings. The heat is terrible, the smoke is blinding, but she clings; and her deliverer quickly bears her to safety. In the same childlike confidence cling to Jesus, who can and will bear you out of danger from the flames of sin. ~Charles Spurgeon

You have all the grace you need for now. You don't have to worry about then. When then becomes now, you'll have all the grace you need. ~Paul David Tripp

Security is mostly a superstition. . . . Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. ~Helen Keller

Do not have your concert first, and then tune your instrument afterwards. Begin the day with the Word of God and prayer, and get first of all into harmony with Him. ~Hudson Taylor

It is certainly my opinion that a book worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then. ~C.S. Lewis

What is the curse of the law [Gal. 3:13]? It is the or-else-ness of the law: ‘Do this, or else.’ Christ took the or-else-ness of the law onto himself at the cross, so that there is no more or-else for anyone in Christ, as God looks upon us now. Or-else is gone forever from your relationship with God. ~Ray Ortlund

The gospel is not that God accepts you as you are. The gospel is that God accepts you as Christ is. ~Matt Smethurst

Even as we slog through the trials, persecutions, irritations, temptations, distractions, apathy, & just plain weariness of this world, the gospel points us to heaven where our King Jesus — the Lamb of God who was crucified in our place & raised gloriously from the dead — now sits interceding for us. Not only so, but it calls us forward to that final day when heaven will be filled with the roaring noise of millions upon millions of forgiven voices hailing him as crucified Savior and risen King. ~Greg Gilbert

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