Sunday, January 19, 2014

An "Open Share" Regarding Anne Miserocchi

Yesterday we celebrated the beautiful life of Anne--her life here on earth through which she blessed so many, but even moreso her current life in glory. OH, TO BE WITH HER IN GLORY! I can't wait!

The service was perfect. Sweet and special, appropriately sad and reflective, but equally joyful and hopeful. And just like I know Anne would have wanted, she was honored, but Christ was honored even more. 

As with many memorial services, there was an open share time, and as with most memorial services, I did not share anything. Not because I didn't have anything to share, but because I can almost guarantee a microphone in my hand yesterday would have pretty much immediately transformed me into a puddle on the floor. No one really needs to see that. So to those who attended the service: you're welcome. :-)

But this is what I would have said if I thought I could have done so articulately (or even just in understandable English):

I could write a whole book of the many ways and reasons I love Anne. It's amazing how strongly and securely God knit our hearts together. She felt like home to me literally before I even moved to Vermont. That all by itself is a whole long story of blessing upon blessing. But my favorite thing about that precious lady is this:

Anne had a way of making me feel like I was the most amazing person she had ever met. BUT. (This is a big but, so don't miss it.....) She somehow did so in such a way that made it clear it had nothing at all to do with me and everything to do with Christ in me. Brilliant. Because: the end result of this is that she encouraged me to pursue Christ without ever telling me that's what I should be doing. She was all of grace and none of law. All encouragement; no guilt. All love; no demands. Her expectations of *me* were low, but she wanted more for me than what I could muster on my own. She wanted me to know Christ, to pursue Him, to chase after Him and let him transform and sanctify and redeem me. She wanted these things for me because she loved me. She knew that apart from Christ, I am nothing, but that the power of Christ in me is everything. What a rare and extraordinary friendship! Zero pressure. Infinite grace. Rock solid truth. Everyone needs a friend like that.

I can only imagine the times Anne in all her wisdom might have quietly shaken her head at much less wise me (although I like to imagine she did it with a smile on her face.) But she never told me about any of those times. Instead, she just found ways to continually point me to Christ and teach me daily how to focus more on Him. 

So in summary, this is what I want to share about Anne--  I love Christ more and better, deeper and stronger, more authentically, sincerely and intensely because of her. And I can't think of any better compliment than that.

Anne, you are an unforgettable treasure to me. You have shaped my life in ways I'm certain you didn't even realize, and I am forever grateful. I seriously cannot wait to party with you in the NEW HEAVENS and NEW EARTH when Habakkuk 2:14 finally comes to life and we are swept up in it for all eternity. OH, make it so, Lord! Make it so.

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Jeff said...

Thank you Becky, it's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. J.