Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Good List 1-15-14

10. Patriots are going to the finals! Good times.
9. How to Train Your Dragon 2 coming soon! Can't wait! The first one was one of my all-time favorites. Also: I want a pet dragon who can fly me through the air. :-)

8. The matching hat and scarf Macy made me for Christmas. Talented and resourceful, that one.

7. We get a long weekend this weekend. Macy is off Friday, and both girls are off Monday. This never makes me sad.
6. SheReadsTruth--a website my friend Lore tipped me to a few weeks ago. Helps me start every day with the right focus and perspective. Check it out, ladies.
5. Frozen. Super sweet and fun movie, and the soundtrack is boss. Love it! One of our favorite family "dates" in awhile.
4. My very own copy of The Valley of Vision that Jared put in my Christmas stocking. I love it.
3. Indi. This little dude is my shadow the whole time I'm home, and I love it. He's the sweetest dog ever.

2. Macy is having her first experience with mid-terms this week. She is handling it with great poise and responsibility. I'm so proud of her.
1. In just a few days, we will celebrate the life of this brilliant, beautiful lady. There will be sadness for sure. But I'm grateful that there will also be rejoicing as we celebrate the story of her life here on earth and even moreso her new ETERNAL life of experiencing the GLORY of Christ in every single moment from now on. Every second filled with his glory. Think of that. Oh man. I miss you so much, Anne, but this I know: you are not sad to have left. I'm grateful for that.

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