Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Lilly!

A year ago today, my amazing sister Jody and her family welcomed this preciousness into their home. She was the tiniest little thing, pretty severely undernourished and in need of some fairly intense monitoring to get her nutrition and some other medical issues regulated.

Meet Baby Lilly.

A year later, she is as strong and healthy as can be. AND. She has stolen ALL of our hearts.

She continues to live with my sister's family in full time foster care, but the desire of their hearts is to adopt her. This is a painfully slow and sometimes agonizingly frustrating process. Won't you pray with me that the Lord sees fit to grant this desire in the near future and make the Dickersons (and all of us who are attached to them) Lilly's forever family?

She just fits right in, don't you think? Love that baby girl!

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