Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Good List 2-19-14

10. This dude. I want him.

9. Watching Macy play Clumsy Ninja. It's such a silly game, but it makes me giggle every time.

8. A tree full of these dudes earlier this week. The girls and I counted at least 6 at one time. Especially beautiful against a backdrop of nothing but white snow and brown trees.

7. This message from my friend David earlier in the week. His family is one of my favorites on the entire planet, so this makes me happy (but also sad that I'm not there to cook for them in person.)

6. Red barns (or bridges) in the snow. I heart them.

5. Macy built a snow cave. It's kind of awesome.

4. This week is winter break. No school. No strict schedule. No alarm clock. I'm not mad about this at all. ;-)
3. Two boxes of Jared's latest release showed up on our doorstep a couple days ago. You would think this would become a bit routine and less exciting each time. It does not. At all. Ever.

2. A "random" blog comment earlier this week got me thinking about how many amazing friendships I've had the privilege of building just because of a quick comment that led to all kinds of beautiful dialog or a direct message on twitter that set up a lunch or coffee date. Say whatever negative things you will about social media (and I'll probably agree with most of it), but I will continue to insist that it is an invaluable resource for helping to bear one another's burdens in situations where geographical challenges would make it otherwise impossible to do so.
1. Our friend Mark is friends with Tim from Home Free. Yeah. The bassist. The one I'm still not sure is human based on what he does with his voice. But that is a discussion for a different day. ;-) A couple weeks ago Mark flew down to Texas to hang out with Tim and the Home Free guys and attend one of their shows. He knows that Macy and Grace are completely enamored with Home Free and were therefore entirely starstruck with the scenario of him spending time with them, so he brought them back a surprise (an autographed photo and their new CD). I'll let you decide if they liked it: :-D

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jeff said...

I wish Mark could have gotten them something they wanted!