Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Prayer

Father, thank you so much for Moms all over the world. Be near to them in beautifully refreshing ways today, multiplying love and joy within their hearts. Thank you for every hug, smile, shared meal, and thoughtful gift that will happen today. Thank you for the honor that will be shown to hard-working women of all ages, cultures and walks of life. And thank you especially for Moms who have chosen to build their families through adoption, demonstrating to their child(ren) a beautiful picture of the relationship we all have with you.

For these things we are truly grateful.

But Father, we are also painfully aware of the fact that Mother's Day will not be a celebration for everyone this year.

There are those whose children are far from them and can't put their arms around them even though they desperately need that hug.

There are those whose children are estranged from them even if they are close by. Relationships have been severed and show no signs of mending.

There are those who love their children beautifully and faithfully, but they are daily exhausted due to special needs which require so much more of them than they feel capable of giving.

There are those whose children are ill or injured, so they helplessly sit beside a hospital bed with an aching heart.

There are those who have lost children this year (or in years past, but the pain never completely goes away.)

There are those whose children are struggling through difficult situations that are heartbreaking for a Mom to watch, yet completely beyond her control.

There are those who desperately long to conceive a child, but for whatever reason, it just hasn't happened yet.

There are those seeking to adopt who have been met with one obstacle after another and continue to struggle with a difficult process.

There are those who can't care for their children like they long to because of physical or mental ailments.

For these, Lord, and other difficult situations we pray for a sweet, tender touch from you today. Father, wash over them with a peace and comfort that only you can give. 

Bring energy where there is exhaustion. 
Bring joy where there is heartbreak.
Bring hope where there is hopelessness.
Bring rest where there is weariness.
Bring peace where there is turmoil. 
Bring forgiveness where there is brokenness.
Bring healing where there is pain or illness.

Bring Jesus to every situation.

Lighten heavy loads.
Fill empty wombs.
Refresh lifeless routines.
Comfort burdened hearts.

Radiate the Gospel throughout every life. Thank you for your exquisite, abundant grace. May it be felt in a fresher, truer, more vivid way than ever before in the hearts of Moms in the midst of difficulty today and ongoing.

Praying with all confidence in Christ,

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grey rose (they/them) said...

amen. this is excellent. praise jesus!
happy mother's day, dear one.
super grateful for you.