Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Good List 5-16-12

10. NBA Playoffs. Celtics are hangin' in there!
9. My Mother's Day gift from Jared--a cast iron dutch oven!!! Now I officially have a "collection." :-D

And the lid can double as a second skillet. How cool is that? This Jared guy--I mean, he pays attention. :-D

8. The fire pit Jared was given by a dude he helped move who didn't have room for it anymore. Pretty awesome. I plan to introduce it to my cast iron this weekend. Oh yeah, baby!

7. My veggie garden is all ready to go! I love this so much!

6. TWO WHOLE DAYS of steady, soaking rain right after I got all my veggies planted. Thank you, Lord, for that sweet gift.
5. Macy and Grace wanted to plant their own gardens this year, so I designated a spot for each of them and took them to buy flowers. Macy *really* wanted to plant a rose, but established bushes are pretty expensive, so I talked her into getting a "stump" and promised her it would grow into a beautiful rose. She was skeptical, but this is already happening just 2 days after she planted it! She will be so excited!

4. "Diamond"-trimmed strawberry leaves. Awesome.

3. Gracie made me a brilliantly colorful bouquet for Mother's Day. It is a perfect representation of her personality and makes me smile every time I get a glimpse of it.

2. Macy got up at 5am Sunday to make this intricate little origami basket for Mother's Day. So sweet! I love having these reminders of my girls laying around the house every day. 

1. This:
Plus this:
is happening TOMORROW! I am like a child on Christmas Eve!!!

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