Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Good List 5-30-12

10. Breakfast for dinner. It always feels special for some reason. Simple and cozy.
9. Driving through Argyle, NY last week. So peaceful and beautiful.
8. Watching Macy play Mario Galaxy 2 (her favorite birthday present). It's like a movie that has a different plot every time you watch it.
7. The old horseshoe I dug up while I was gardening last week. Macy and Grace were fascinated. You never know what you might find in the ground around here.

6. Eating by candlelight. (This is how Jared and I "date" at home.) Everything tastes better this way.
5. Waking to the sound of birds singing instead of the wail of an alarm clock. So much more pleasant.
4. Okemo Mountain Trailside condos and the free access to the Jackson Gore Springhouse that came with our overnight stay. The perfect place for Macy's birthday celebration!
3. The sound of Jared typing away. I know that's weird, but there is just something comforting about hearing him work on his next book or message or whatever else he's involved in at the time. (Of course, I realize sometimes he's typing some nonsense about Sasquatch or zombies or how dreamy he thinks Tom Brady is, but I pretend he only does that when I'm not listening. :-D)
2. A new granddaughter for Kim and Dale Carr! Born on Macy's birthday! I can't wait to meet her. That baby has good genes. I love me some Carrs!
1. The Middletown Springs Memorial Day parade. So sweet and simple and special. I LOVE this town!

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