Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Hope I Never Get Good at My Job

Does that seem like a weird thing to say? It probably is. Nevertheless. . .  This is why I feel that way:

Lately I have found myself in all sorts of conversations and situations which lead me to pray over and over again, "Help me, Lord. Help me, Lord. Help me, Lord." Not in an I-hate-this-situation-please-deliver-me kind of way. It's more like a this-person/situation-needs-you-so-desperately-and-I-am-acutely-inadequate-to-fix-it kind of way. The good news is that this typically leads me to earnest prayer and eager consumption of Scripture. I fear that if I ever felt "good" at this, I would not be so dependent on my Father. For this reason. . .

. . . I hope I never get good at my "job".

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