Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Good List 5-23-12

10. NBA Playoffs. Celtics are *still* hangin' in there. Hoping for a BIG win tonight and not just a squeak by.
9. Balloon flowers. Never heard of 'em 'til I bought this one. Isn't it pretty? And it's a perennial! Love that for sure!

8. The sound of a box fan at night. Nostalgic. Takes me back to church camp in the miserably hot south.
7. Shelburne Museum. Come see me, so I can take you here. I love this place!

6. An impromptu surprise birthday party for Macy and Grace last night so that the McLemores and Mr. Tyrone could celebrate with them. Sweet memories.
5. The yellow rose bush David and Sarah bought me so I could "think of them every time I see it." Like I really need a reminder of these people. They NEVER leave my heart. But I *am* super excited to see this gorgeousness bloom.
4. A sweet and fun performance by Macy at her recital last night. She played 2 songs on piano and 2 songs on ukulele, including a song that was "written" by her 3-year-old cousin Dylan, which Macy figured out how to play on her uke. She nailed every single song. So fun!
3. Mr. Tyrone raisin' the roof at Macy's recital last night. And making us giggle ALL WEEK LONG. Classic. 

2. Spending a whole week with this little stud. (And his parents are pretty cool too.)

1. Macy singing "Shine, Jesus, Shine" at church on Sunday. Made me cry. 

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