Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Good List 2-6-13

10. Popcorn. I don't think we really need to elaborate on this. Am I right?
9. Prepping red beans and sausage for dinner and then enjoying a hot cup of Community coffee while the beans soak. It's all very Louisiana nostalgic.
8. This adorableness. Macy and Grace made me replay it about 6 times, and we all giggled the entire time. 

7. Cornbread baked in cast iron. Once you've had it this way, you'll be mad at every other option.
6. My new washing machine. The old one bit the dust, and the repairman told us it would cost as much to fix as a new one. So: new washer. We bought the plainest, cheapest one we could find that appeared to be *slightly* larger capacity than the old one. Turns out the basin is *significantly* larger. I can wash 3 sets of sheets in that bad boy all at once. Boom.
5. Grace's favorite new hobby. She likes to make clothes for her stuffed animals from her old things that are wearing out or don't fit her anymore. This outfit is made from a pair of tights that had a hole in them (the overalls), an old headband that was fraying (the orange shoulder straps), and the sleeves of an old stained shirt (the brown leg warmers). Pretty creative!

4. Excellent report cards again from both girls. My favorite comment came from Grace's Young Scholars teacher, who noted that Grace "adds a nice touch of humor to the classroom." :-D I can only imagine. . .
3. Macy got picked for the "record team" for Mathcounts. We're told this is quite an honor for a 6th grader since most teams are 7th-12th graders. They won 2nd place in their competition on Saturday and will move on to the state competition in March. Macy is WAY excited! So proud of that sweet girl and her many gifts.

2. Gracie's smooth, creamy white hands. We have been working so hard to develop a good routine for caring for her eczema-prone skin, and it is really working. She was so proud to come show me how clear and smooth and "hydrated" her hands were the other night. So thankful to finally feel like we have a handle on this.
1. Final proofs returned to publisher. Coming soon to a bookstore near you! So grateful. So, so grateful. 

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