Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Good List 2-27-13

This list is brought to you by my recent birthday.

10. A visit to HomeGoods, one of my favorite stores that I haven't been into in years, 'cause they're all so far away up here. It was fun to walk around in there, but it made me realize I don't really *need* anything there. 
9. A Robert Frost biography we picked up in one of the sweet little book shops on Church Street. I'm sure it will make me feel very Vermont-y to read all about his life and work. ;-)
8. A treat from our hotel in Burlington. This is a huge shout out to Hilton Hotels. When we checked in, the lady at the desk asked us what brought us to Burlington. Jared told her it was my birthday. She wished me Happy Birthday, and we thought that was the extent of the conversation. We went upstairs to put our things away and then left again for some sightseeing, etc. When we got back later that evening, this is what we found:

This was completely unexpected, but greatly appreciated. Way above and beyond normal customer service. Thank you, Hilton! And specifically, Mari!

7. Our very first Champ sighting!!!!  Ok, it was actually a tiny little baby Champ.  

OK! It was actually a river otter. But you can't tell me that long neck and humpy back wouldn't look like a tiny Champ from a distance. Come on!!! 

Anyway, it made for a pretty fun and funny sightseeing adventure while we were in Burlington.
6. Notes and messages coming in all day long from so many amazing friends and family members. God gave me the best people in the world to share life with.
5. My card from Jared. No further explanation needed. Take a look:

4. The time and thought Macy and Grace put into my birthday gifts. Macy knows I love it when she is creative, and her origami is one of my favorite things she does. She made me two little origami baskets and filled them with my favorite treats--roasted cashews and almonds. Love it!

Gracie made me 40 treats. 40!!! One for each year. ;-) A whole big box full of poems, stories, crafts and preciousness. She spent weeks on this. How could I not feel special?

3. A couple days away with Jared. It was a sweet and fun time. He took me to Burlington, because he knows I love the combination of mountains and water. So gorgeous!

2. Grace's Napoleon Dynamite dance. OH MY! A few weeks ago, I told her all I wanted for my birthday was for her to learn this dance. I fully expected that she would roll her eyes and blow me off, but much to my surprise and delight, she was dead serious about it. Here is the result. You're welcome. ;-)

1. Realizing 40 is not so bad. I'm more in love with my husband than I've ever been before. I have the BEST JOB I could ever ask for. And God has given me some of the sweetest, most precious relationships in the world. I guess all of that takes time, but it's totally worth it. Also, my age is finally starting to match my freakishly white hair. So bonus! :-D

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