Monday, February 11, 2013

I Hope for my Daughters. . .

. . . that they will be truth seekers rather than just information gatherers.

. . . that they will believe me every single time I tell them I love them, even during seasons we don't fully agree with each other.

. . . that if they choose to marry, they will find men who love to make them laugh but are just as eager to hold them when they need to cry.

. . . that they will be confident in who they are because of Whose they are.

. . . that they will surround themselves with friends who challenge them to remain true to their faith but reach out to others as well.

. . . that they will run to the cross when they fail.

. . . that they will be addicted to grace and learn how to give it lavishly and receive it gratefully.

. . . that Scripture will come alive inside their hearts during moments when they need it most.

. . . that they will never question for one moment whether or not their parents love each other.

. . . that they will understand that being a strong woman doesn't always mean having the upper hand, getting their way, or having the loudest voice. Sometimes it means quite the opposite.

. . . that they will value relationships over things.

. . . that they will live below their means so that they might be generous givers.

. . . that they will pursue holiness with far more energy than they seek worldly things.

. . . that they will desire understanding far more than they value being right.

. . . that the fruits of the spirit will develop in them daily.

. . . that I will be a tremendous encourager in their lives, but always through the lens of truth.

. . . that they will know that Christ is beneath them as their foundation, within them as their strength, before them as their shepherd, surrounding them as their protector and provider. That this will not be just a "story" they've been told, but a truth they fully believe.

. . . that when they stray, conviction will happen quickly.

. . . that they will be smart, but always teachable.

. . . that they will be confident, but never arrogant.

. . . that they will be good stewards, but always generous.

. . . that they will wear out Bibles almost as quickly as they wear out shoes.

. . . that they will always be able to find joy in the "every day."

. . . that they will treasure Christ more than any earthly thing.

. . . that they will never lose their creativity and exuberance.

. . . that when I fail them, I will ask forgiveness quickly and sincerely.

. . . that I will daily learn better ways to love them well and point them to Christ.

. . . that they will run with endurance the race that is set before them, fixing their eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of their faith.

. . . that they will embrace "It is finished" rather than be burdened by "Get to work." (But that they will "get to work" because they know "it is finished.")

. . . that they will always be good at playing.

. . . that the joy of Christ will be evident in them even to those who don't treasure Christ.

. . . that when they read Hebrews 1:3, their hearts will overflow just like mine does.

. . . that they will be more excited about Habakkuk 2:14 than anything else they look forward to on this earth.

. . . that one day they will hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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