Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Good List 2-20-13

10. Bill Cosby. I forget how funny he is until we stumble upon The Cosby Show reruns or something like that. Still cracks me up.
9. Homemade pizzookie (sorta). Yummy.

8. Stumbling upon Jared's name in conversations of encouragement between people I don't even know. Pretty cool.

7. Winter break! A whole week of no alarm clock and a very loose schedule. Love it!
6. Being unhurried. I didn't even realize it was what my heart was crying out for for so many years, and I'm still not sure I'm fully understanding how to embrace it, but I sure do love being able to be "in the moment" so much more often than I used to. Such a gift!
5. A sweet and fun Valentine dinner with area pastors and their wives hosted by Dave and Dawn Lind at Calvary Bible Church in Rutland, VT. So grateful for them and their investment in other pastors and their families.
4. Family Valentine dinner. Good times.

3. Another manuscript off to the publisher. This one is called "The Storytelling God: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Parables." Always exciting!
2. Amazing NECAP scores for Macy and Grace. Both "proficient with distinction" and well above average in all categories. Further proof I'm no longer smart enough for this family. ;-) So proud of them!
1. Being married to a man who not only loves me but delights in me. I'm overwhelmed.

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