Thursday, October 4, 2012

Glorious Mystery

Yesterday I woke up to the most gorgeous foggy fall morning. It has been raining off and on for several days, so the bark of the trees is nice and saturated, dark and glossy in sharp contrast to the brilliant leaf colors. Set all of that against a mysterious, soft white backdrop of fog, and I have a hard time looking away. 

I posted these pictures of what I thought was such elegant beauty on my facebook page with the following comment: "There is something about the colors of fall set against a foggy backdrop that is so gripping and stirring to me. I can't explain it. . ."

In the hours that followed, the Lord spoke to me as clearly as I've ever heard his voice. Not audibly, but clearly nonetheless.

I have always struggled with the challenge of not being able to explain my faith as well as I'd like to. I'm nowhere close to being a Biblical scholar or teacher. I enjoy studying, but my brain just doesn't function the way I wish it would, connecting dots at first glance, recalling Hebrew root words, understanding the settings and cultures of the Bible as though I'm seeing a live action play take place as I read, etc. There is so much I don't understand as well as I would like to, and what I do grasp somewhat well, I still don't articulate eloquently. It's frustrating. I want to have answers for people. I want to be able to explain to them why they should respond to the Gospel and why Christ is truly their only hope. Unfortunately, explanations often elude me, and I've learned that practical answers have very little to do with the way the Spirit moves anyway. Still, my deficiency in this area has never stopped bothering me.

Until yesterday morning. . .

Certainly there is a backdrop of mystery to the Bible. We just can't know or understand it all with our limited human brains and lacking insights. And yet, just like that mysterious foggy backdrop set such a perfect contrast for the rich, dark bark and vibrant, color-drenched leaves yesterday morning, doesn't the inexplicable wonder of the Scriptures create the perfect canvas, frame and highlights for the truth that we can grasp? 

Ah, sweet freedom! We don't have to have all the answers. We just have to display what we *do* have as clearly and as often as we can. That gorgeously mysterious background will naturally illuminate and brighten every leaf and twig, every truth and promise. The very factor that makes the forefront so striking and gripping is the contrast it produces against its opaque surroundings.  So amazing. Thank you, Jesus!

I found such hope and freedom in these thoughts, I couldn't wait to share. I hope this resonates with others as well.

I've always loved foggy fall mornings for reasons I couldn't quite grasp. I think I love them even more now for these reasons I newly understand, but also for the ones that likely will always linger just beyond my reach and remind me of this conversation. 

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Linda said...

The pictures in this video are kind of lame, but I love this song and your post reminded me of it.