Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Good List 10-10-12

10. Wearing the ugliest, cheesiest, fuzziest socks I can possibly locate under my tall boots. Yesterday they were hideously gold, and today I'm rockin' snowmen. (And it's our little secret.)
9. My fabulous new grippy, bendy Pampered Chef cutting boards. (Thank you, Caitlyn!)
8. The super cute candle holder my Mom bought me last time she was visiting a few weeks ago. Perfect for any day, but I'm especially excited to use it during the holidays.

7. Texans start the season 5-0! Yeah, baby! (My other teams? Not so much. . . So how 'bout we just focus on the Texans for now, K?)
6. Hat season. People think I'm trying to be stylish, but it's really just an excuse to go days without "fixing" my hair. Wash. Air dry. Hat. Repeat. Seems right to me!
5. The creativity of the Ohio State University marching band. This is brilliant. (Don't give up on it too early. Some of the best moments are toward the end.)

4. Learning that living in a cold climate makes it much easier to convince people to start watching Christmas movies early. Bonus!
3. "Just because I miss you" flowers from my baby. (And the sweet side note is that Macy and Grace thought this was the most romantic thing ever. Awesome.)

2. Using old pictures as bookmarks. Doubles the fun of reading.
1. Standing beside Macy on Sunday mornings as she sings her heart out at church. Every single thing about that scenario makes me happy. I love her beautiful voice. I'm grateful that she enjoys using it as the gift and instrument it is. And I'm THRILLED when she lifts it in worship.

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