Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Good List 10-3-12

10. Big, fat pumpkins and vibrant mums everywhere these days. Must be fall. 
9. Red Velvet Cupcake coffee. Also known as magicalness in a mug. Pretty decadent for a fat free, super low calorie "dessert." 
8. Space heaters and fleece sheets. It's that time of year when we need to stay warm and toasty, but we're too cheap to turn on the heat. :-D
7. Big, fluffy hay bales all over the place. I have no idea why I love this so much, but I do. 

6. Singing with my friend Barby. I love that precious woman!
5. A Christian college is opening in Bennington, VT next fall. Not sure how much impact (if any) this will have on our immediate community, but a presence of young Christians in southern Vermont certainly can't be a bad thing. (Can you smell that sweet aroma I mentioned a couple weeks ago?)
4. Gospel Deeps. We finally got a couple boxes last weekend. Always such a great moment to open the box and see all that hard work so neatly printed and bound and ready to (hopefully) stir people toward Jesus.

3. Merck Forest. A new favorite place. (I know I have lots of favorites, but can you blame me?) LOOK!:

2. A happy and comfortable Gracie who is finally approaching wellness. It's been a slow healing process, and we're still keeping our eye on a couple "in progress" areas, but she's mostly done with this nastiness. THANK GOD!
1. 25 ladies showed up yesterday for Ladies Bible Study! This is fantastic in any setting, but when you live in a town of only about 700 people, it's pretty much a miracle! (There's that sweet aroma again. . .) So excited to learn and grow with these special ladies, and especially grateful for the always magnificent Kim Carr leading us!

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