Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Good List 10-24-12

Today's good list is in honor of my sweet little munchkin doodle niece, Dylan, who had the most difficult and painful week of her life last week. Today she is almost perfect. Praise God!

10. An airport 3 miles away from the hospital.
9. Pain medication.
8. Doctors and nurses who know what to do and do it well.
7. An incorrect (though intelligent) initial diagnosis which eventually landed at a much less threatening (though still terribly painful) condition.
6. Monica Milstead. So grateful for her love and help and support throughout this time.
5. A church family that simply WILL NOT REST when one among them hurts. I know I brag on them all the time, but seriously--I just wish everyone could know these people. They are phenomenal.
4. Grandmom and Granddad. They make everything better.
3. New creamy white skin with no scars or pain. Our little butterfly.
2. Watching my sister's strength and grace through what I'm absolutely positive was the most difficult week of her life.
1. Experiencing a miracle through the prayer support of people LITERALLY all over the world. This never gets old.

So grateful she's all better. And for those of you who have missed it, don't worry--the sass is back in full swing! :-D

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