Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seems Right to End This Day with Prayer

I thought that I had poured out every prayer and every combination of pleas I could come up with today. Turns out I have one more in me before I can get still.

Father, I opened this CaringBridge page in tears to post one more prayer before I try to rest tonight, and I read that Dylan sassed and rolled her eyes. Now I have tears of joy. You're so good even when it doesn't make sense.

On behalf of everyone who loves that baby girl, Lord, I am asking for quick and complete and painless healing. I know that will take a miracle, but you're good at those, so it seems right to ask. You created that precious little thing from scratch. (And way to go, God! She is a Masterpiece!) Surely you can repair her. I know you can. Please do, and please do so quickly.

Father, in the very near future, may every negative thought and emotion attached to this experience drain from her memory like water through a sieve. But OH GOD, may she retain like a vice grip every act of love, every prayer, every evidence of your mighty power throughout her illness. Lord, may she experience you in a way that becomes a defining point in her life. She might not fully understand it yet, and she may never be able to articulate it to us, but that's ok. Etch it onto her heart and make it her very own treasure for life. May she one day look back on this experience as the time she KNEW Jesus was holding her and her family close.

Lord, come close to Jody and Jon and hold their very hearts. Wash over them with your mighty power and overwhelming peace. Give them rest. Give them strength. Give them wisdom. Give them smiles from their baby girl. Give them Jesus.

Thank you that you love these people--my family--even more than I do. Hold them close and make them whole again so very soon.

And all God's people said. . . . .

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