Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Good List 7-25-12

10. The dog in The Artist. I pretty much want him.
9. Magic Wings butterfly conservatory. I've never seen so many butterflies in one place, and some of them were HUGE. Gorgeous.

8. Friends who take the time and make the effort to send encouragement right when they can tell you need it most.
7. Macy and I had a very rare "just the two of us" evening together last night. And, I mean, what better to do than build the Eiffel Tower, right? Fun times.

6. Watching so many of our church members love on Jared Sunday after what they knew had been a rough week. They love him (and our whole family) so well!
5. The colors of nature.

4. On Sunday afternoon, Grace sat on the couch and looked at scrapbooks for hours. Every now and then, she would get up and come give me a huge hug in response to something I had written or as a thank you for a favorite memory she recalled. It was pretty much awesome.
3. I have 8 family members leaving for mission trips in the next few days. So grateful for and proud of my family. 
2. Truth. Grateful that it will prevail. Not always immediately, but always certainly. I will take the latter.
1. A Savior who comforts and sanctifies simultaneously.

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