Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Good List 7-11-12

10. Cleaned out closets. Ah, to be able to open the door and immediately locate whatever it is you need to find in there. :-D
9. Junk Gypsies. Fun ideas, and I love their voices!
8. River tubes are on the way to us! We found an awesome deal and bought tubes for basically the same price as one trip to rent them. SO--FREE tubing from now on! (Thanks for the tip to the ad, Connie!)
7. Macy has decided she enjoys helping with laundry. And I mean--who am I to steal her joy, right? ;-)
6. Madagascar 3. Very sweet and fun and funny. And COLORFUL!
5. The new Christmas ornament Macy made for me "just because." 

4. Play date with the utterly fabulous Kim Carr TODAY!!! (which means the girls get to swim while Kim and I chill and chat together--all followed by a picnic lunch, so pretty much the perfect summer day!) I love her so much!
3. Happy children.
2. Lunch date on the calendar with new friends that God just recently moved to New England. So excited to meet with them and hear more of their story and what God is doing in their lives!
1. There is a gentleman who visited our church last fall after not attending *any* church for 44 years. He hasn't missed a Sunday since, and Jared will have the great joy and honor of baptizing him on Sunday. OH, THANK YOU, JESUS!

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