Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gracie and her Gracie-isms

Today we celebrate 9 years of GRACIE! And what better way to do so than by viewing some of her adorableness and wit throughout the years? Here, then, are a few pictures and lots of "Gracie-isms." If you know her, I'm certain you'll enjoy these a great deal. If you don't know her, you might still get a kick out of most of these. We rarely experience a day without giggles caused by this one, and for that we are so grateful. 

"If only I had a minion to reach the pedals while I steer."

"That was the best night EVER! (brief pause) Well, I don't remember every single night of my life, but that was awesome!"

"We should go to the boxing rinks tomorrow."

Grace: "Does this have sodium?" Mom: "Not an unhealthy amount." Grace: "Good, 'cause I just had fourths."

Grace: "None of the DVDs are in their cases." Mom: "Then I guess you should put them back from now on." Grace: "I'll try, but I can't read the future."

In response to Mom telling her to wipe the globs of nutella off her face, "MAN! I was saving that for later!"

"Mom, how come you're so firm on us brushing our teeth?"

"Mace, I don't really want your laugh spit on my pillow."

While watching Macy play a video game, "Mace, why did you hurt the guy who gives out bacon? (Incredulous.) HE GIVES OUT BACON!"

"You're supposed to follow the lines. (Brief pause.) Sometimes I ignore the lines."

After Macy said her new ball would bounce off anything, Grace: "Will it bounce off your face?"

"Well, this is just a robe. Why do they even make Snuggies?"

A conversation between Grace and her sister while watching movies and snuggling with 2 puppies: Macy--"This would be a disaster if we were watching The Twelve Dogs of Christmas." Grace--"Can you imagine if it was the live 101 Dalmatians? I don't even wanna think about it."

"Mom, I'm READY to go! I have a first aid kit, my camera, and some BACON!"

"Skydiving? I'm never gonna skydive. Unless it's a short distance up."

"Well, I just broke all the laws of string cheese. What to do next?"

"So much to eat, so little time."

"We each have our own opinions, Doc!" (when she and her sister don't quite see eye-to-eye.)

"I'm smarter than I feel like I am."

"Our family is magical. We can do whatever we want."

While discussing pet-training with Macy: "I try, but they don't always listen. They're just like us."

And perhaps my all-time favorite when she's super-excited, she curls both hands into fists, scrunches up her tiny little face and declares with complete sincerity, "I'm trying not to explode!"


Cynda P said...

Thank you for sharing these!

MRUHSGVS said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing them. Hope Grace had a wonderful birthday! Love Barby.