Monday, July 30, 2012

God, Save Us From Our Wants

I have a confession that some will not appreciate. I'm SO SICK of the sentiment, "You can be/do/accomplish anything you WANT if you just put your mind to it!" So ME-focused.


Surely, my "wanter" is as defective as they come--filled with sin of every kind based in pride, selfishness, laziness, doubt, etc., etc., etc. 

As are those of our children.  Do we really want to feed this mindset?

Can we please change the conversation? What about, "You can WANT the very things that God desires for you if you set your mind to prayer!" Less popular for sure, but I SO long to teach my children to WANT what God wants (only by grace) rather than to chase what THEY want.

Any suggestions for learning how to do that better are more than welcome.

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