Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

--I should learn sign language. I find it so beautiful and fascinating.
--Why do people say "like I said" when they say something new that they haven't said recently? It's not a difficult concept to understand. Weird. Hint: If you said it in a conversation 3 months ago with someone other than me, it doesn't qualify for the phrase "like I said" in your present conversation with me. K? Just sayin'.
--If I'm going to have an infestation of bugs in my backyard, I suppose I'm happy it's ladybugs. :-D
--Why is it that a British accent exponentially increases funniness?
--The Tourist was a ginormous waste of Johnny Depp. Ginormous.
--I'm pretty sure "busy-ness" was one of the devil's favorite ideas.
--Old people are awesome. We should all take more time to listen to their stories.
--My ears must be deformed, for I have never found a comfortable pair of earbuds.
--Parking Wars? Seriously? This is a TV show? Why is this even remotely interesting to anyone? I'm so confused.
--I have decided that I am a food snob when it comes to the temperature at which it is served. It is my firm opinion that neither coffee nor soup should ever be served cold. YUCK! (Clearly I'm wrong about this considering the millions of dollars being spent on iced coffee every year, but y'all can keep it. It's not for me.)
--And speaking of coffee, whenever I see someone sipping a cup of coffee in a movie, it always makes me want some. But that isn't true of other food or drink. Weird. . .

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Linda said...

I'm with you on the earbuds thing.

And many of the other things you said.

Really enjoy your blog!