Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Good List 7-20-11

10. German Chocolate Cake coffee. A little coconut. A little chocolate. A lotta YUM!
9. When royalty "statements" become royalty checks. Still barely cover a family night out at Taco Bell, but at least we're going in the right direction. ;-) Grateful for God's provision.
8. The Truman Show. Such an excellent movie.
7. Salty pretzels dipped in cookie dough dip. Y'all. I promise you want some.
6. The crystals Macy has been growing on this rock. Pretty cool. (Thanks, Grandmom!)

5. V*o*cation Bible School at MSCC. Gracie and I have missed most of it, but we're told it has been a huge success and lots of fun for everyone who is attending. The finale is tonight.
4. The tool kit Macy made at VBS yesterday. Good job, Mace!

3. The firstfruits of our blueberry bushes:

Just a few, but look what's coming. They're everywhere! This is about to get awesome.

2. Brand new Ainsley Joy Carr, born Monday to parents Nathan and Jennelle Carr, grandparents Dale and Kim Carr, and all kinds of crazy aunts, uncles, and cousins 'round these here parts. We love our Carrs!
1. A fever-free Gracie. Finally! I can't stop smooching her cool little cheeks and forehead. :-D

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