Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Good List 6-29-11

10. The yellow birds that keep darting around my backyard. I thought they were all the same (goldfinches?), but I finally caught a couple pictures, and they're not. I'm not sure what they are, but they sure are pretty.

9. Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. I cannot wait.
8. Ziplining. I feel strongly that this should become America's primary mode of transportation. That would be better than awesome.

7. Helping plan happy surprises for people I love.
6. Mandisa. What a wonderful, beautiful lady.
5. Tinmouth Pond. Who knew a "pond" could be so fabulous? Special thanks to Tammy English for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon yesterday.
4. My favorite piece of art from Gracie's school folder this year.

3. My favorite piece of art from Macy's school folder this year.

2. This memory:
I made this blanket for the Dickersons 2 Christmases ago and told them it would have to be my way of putting my arms around them until we were close enough for me to do it in person more often. I never dreamed that would happen so quickly! Now I get to wrap my arms AND that blanket around all my little Dickersons on a regular basis. As Gracie would say, "YAHOO!"
1. Celebrating 15 years of marriage TODAY with my favorite man on the planet. Love you so much, Jared C. Wilson!

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