Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is a story written by Grace (7) during the school year that just ended. The words in parentheses were not written in the original story. They are her verbal additions as she read this to me. I love it!



Once there was a young vulture named Tiara. She was different from every other vulture in her class. Her feathers were the colors of fall leaves, her beak was as purple as a plum, and her legs were darker than any other vulture in her class. But she was proud of it. One day her Mom was getting packed up to move away, but Tiara did not know. When Tiara came home from school, she saw her Mom packing up her books. They were all ballerina books.

"Why are you packing up my favorite books?" Tiara asked her Mom with surprise.

"Because we're moving," she told Tiara.

"Where are we moving?" asked Tiara.

"We're moving to Florida," said Tiara's Mom.

"WHAT?!" yelled Tiara. "It's going to take forever to fly (like with their wings) all the way to Florida!" yelled Tiara loudly. "Can't we just fly to the airport and then fly (on an airplane) to Florida?"

"No," said her Mom tensely. "We are going to fly (you know with their wings), and that's that. Go to bed, Tiara," said her Mom.

Tiara sighed. "Alright," said Tiara.

In the morning, Tiara got up and went to eat her breakfast. It was a chocolate chip waffle with butter on it. When she finished eating, she went to her room to get her backpack. "It's not there!" yelled Tiara.

"I packed it up," said Tiara's Mom. "We're moving today. Go fluff your feathers."

And she did exactly that. When she finished, she went to clean her beak (you know, like instead of brushing her teeth). Then it was time to go. Tiara was nervous her wings would get too tired. Before she went outside, she asked one more time if she could fly instead of fly. Her Mom still said no. They finally took off. It was so cool! They flew over airports and hotels. Over restaurants and other houses. Over schools and police offices. Tiara found out it wasn't so bad after all. She flew through box kites and over gardens. Tiara had a great time. She called the cars thingamabobs. She thought that was a funny name. When it was time to go to bed, Tiara rested her wings. She had such a good time and so much fun. It was the best time she had in her whole life. She thought about how much fun she had and soon she was fast asleep. In the morning, Tiara wanted to skip breakfast, but her Mom told her to eat breakfast. She ate it quickly. Then she went to get her feathers fluffed, and then it was time to go. She flew through more box kites. They finally got to Florida.

"HOME SWEET HOME!" cried Tiara loudly.

They had to unload lots of boxes. Tiara was mad. She wanted to go to sleep, but she unpacked boxes anyway. She found all her ballet stuff. Tiara was so happy when she found all her ballet stuff. "YAY!" cried Tiara.

They did one room at a time. It went much faster that way. Then they were finally done, and they both went to bed. In the morning, it was time for school. Tiara ate quickly. Then she fluffed her feathers, got all packed up, and went to school. She was a little shy at first. Everybody made fun of her. Tiara was so sad. It was the worst time of her life. Tiara went home crying. She was afraid to go to school the next day, but she did anyway. She packed up for school. It was a hard day that day. Everybody said she should be a ballerina. The next day she came back as a ballerina. Everybody loved her and wanted her autograph. Everybody went home with her autograph. She came home crying happy tears, and it happened every day from then on.


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