Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Good List 6-1-11

10. Looney Tunes. They really just don't make cartoons like those anymore. Classic.
9. The 28 mostly gigantic and all gorgeously blooming Lilacs the girls and I counted on the 3.5 mile drive home from their school the other day. And that was just the purple ones. AND I'm positive we missed several.
8. Five Guys is coming to Rutland, VT later this year! Y'all. Oh my. Go to the deliciousness. I promise you won't be disappointed.
7. The Muppets Movie coming this Thanksgiving. Yes.

6. A house with open windows on every wall. Fresh and breezy. Ahhhhhhh. . . . .
5. Jacob's Ladder--my new favorite smell. It is one of the happiest and most delightful scents my nose has ever met. I would very much like to wear it as a mustache. :-D

4. 10-year-old girl birthday parties. So much giggling. :-D

3. The community team effort my garden has become. So much fun! All kinds of contributions from other gardens to add to the loveliness. I love it! Special thanks to Daisy Chapman, Susan Blanch, Rita Hansen, and Connie and Caitlyn Eaton (Macy sprinkled some of her "extra" zinnia seeds in there. ;-) Also VERY special thanks to Diane Lowell, who not only contributed all sorts of pretty things to plant, she actually got out there and planted them! :-D (And we're still working on it. . . ) So fun! Before and after pics coming soon. . .
2. The summer AND fall trips Grandmom and Granddad already have planned for this year. Very awesome.
1. This. Because it is adorable, but even more because it is indicative of the journey that is bringing them to live 6.5 miles away from me rather than 2000. :-D

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