Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yesterday was Macy and Grace's last day of school for this year. Last summer I was sooooooo excited about the last day of school for these reasons. And it did prove to be the most amazing summer ever at that point. But THIS year in addition to last year's list, I also have the following additions:

--a trip to Maine in July with our super special friends the Miserocchis
--a Grandmom and Granddad visit in August
--a trip to Ohio in August with Jared to attend my first (his second) Gospel Wakefulness conference
--3 Forge events (we just started this program in January, so it wasn't going on last summer, but I'm LOVING it this year!)
--Celebrating 15 years of marriage with my favorite man on the planet
--AND last but CERTAINLY not least--we get to share the WHOLE summer with JoJo, Uncle Jon, Ty, Jack and Dylan

I don't know what next summer will hold, but if it gets any better than this, my head just might explode. :-D

Thank you, Lord, for our many, MANY blessings!

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