Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calling ALL Prayer Warriors!

Anne is having a very difficult day. She woke up with an infection and a fever of 101.6. She is back at Dartmouth waiting to be admitted for blood work and a CT scan to determine whether or not she may have an abscess. If so, this may require a third emergency surgery if it is determined it can't be treated with antibiotics. 

Thus far today she has been mute, motionless, and unresponsive other than to squeeze fingers when asked (but even then she doesn't open her eyes.)

Will you please cry out with me on her behalf and also ask for the floodgates of mercy and comfort and all-surpassing peace to swing wide and engulf her family in supernatural strength and grace?

***I will update throughout the day as more information becomes available.


Update 4pm: Anne was sent into emergency surgery shortly after 2 pm. This is her third surgery.


Update 10:45pm: Surgery is complete. Anne is stable, and the infection has been "washed out." They are keeping her for the next 4 days to keep her on a steady flow of antibiotics. Please continue to pray for a strong recovery.

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Betty said...

Praying and praying for that dear girl.