Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Good List 11-6-13

10. The "parent portal" used by Macy's school. We can get updates on grades, assignments, absences, etc. any time we like with just a few mouse clicks. Super helpful.
9. Fantastic Mr. Fox. It's so weird and awesome.
8. This video, which is probably only funny if you're a football fan, and in that case, it might make you pee.

7. Stormy Saturday mornings. Oddly cozy and relaxing.
6. Watching people I love enjoy a meal I've prepared for them. Few things delight my heart more.
5. Window seats. My dream home would have one in every room. So many amazing and interesting things could happen there, don't you think?

4. Our small group starts back up tonight. Looking forward to the fellowship.
3. Rain on a tin roof. Such a cool sound. Reminds me of my precious Memaw and her sweet little house.
2. Baby Max, whose mother was encouraged to abort him half-way through her pregnancy due to loss of amniotic fluid. So grateful for her resolve and commitment to this child. He is now 6 months old and getting stronger and healthier every day.

1. After an incredibly difficult week, which included a THIRD brain surgery and several days of near-comatose condition, yesterday Anne was feeling strong enough to walk to the hospital chapel. This photo was taken by her son Mark. OH, my heart!!!

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