Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Leanable Jesus

John 13:25 has recently become one of my favorite verses in the entire Bible. I wonder how many times I've read right over it as though it barely even deserves to be there. Many, I'm sure.

For some reason, this has boosted my heart so richly recently. This idea of young John leaning right into Jesus, probably in a posture not unlike what my daughters and I would call "snuggling." Sweet affection. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this, but it doesn't seem John even considered whether this was "appropriate" or not. He didn't wonder if he was being irreverent or getting a little too comfortably situated into Jesus' "personal space." It didn't seem to occur to him even for a second that pressed against Jesus' chest wasn't exactly where he belonged. He just loved Jesus and felt safe and secure tucked under his wing. And Jesus obviously let him stay happily tucked there. This makes me so happy, I can hardly explain. So grateful for our affectionate, "leanable," approachable Jesus.


Becky said...

Is that from the Beth Moore Beloved Disciple? I'm going through that (off and on) with a friend! Good stuff!

Becky said...

It is, Becky! This was one of my favorite "moments" so far.