Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Good List 11-20-13

10. Halls defense drops. Yeah, I know they probably don't really do anything. But when people all around me sound like they're coughing up their pancreas, for some reason it makes me feel better to have some vitamin C in my mouth. ;-)
9. Wool socks. Yep. It's gettin' to be that time of year when my feet are ALWAYS cold.
8. This song. Which I'm pretty sure I've listed before, but it's repeat-worthy, don't you think?

7. Remembering this craziness from a couple years ago. Can't say I'm necessarily dreaming of -22 degree weather, but you have to admit this is pretty cool. Instant snow!

What Happens to Boiling Water in -22 Degree Air? from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.

6. Friends who make me laugh even when I think I don't feel like it.
5. Macy made the high honor roll during her first semester in middle school. Off to a good start!
4. A double date night with Elder Dale and Mrs. Elder Dale last weekend. Dinner. Movie. Good conversation. Love those rare times.
3. AND at the same time as our date night, Macy and Grace got to have a sleepover with some of their favorite ladies. They thought they were super special for sure. Good times.
2. I finally got to hand this off to Erin on Sunday. (I didn't want to publish it before she had the hard copy in her hands.) A gift of love to Erin, Miley and Judah. Richard Shawn Scott: A Life to Celebrate

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1. The outpouring of love and support for my friend Anne and her family that I continue to witness. So amazing. Prayers from all across the country (and even beyond), constant service, financial support, etc., etc., etc. When I send out requests for help, I get an almost immediate response each time, even when there are requests every day for several days in a row. I've already mentioned several times how much I adore this family, so I'll spare you another soliloquy, but I love them so much that even though all of these acts of love are for them, they feel like gifts to me as well. So grateful.

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