Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Good List 11-27-13

10. The Patriots comeback on Sunday night. Shame on errbody who went to bed early. The second half was football magic.
9. The smell of rosemary. I would very much like to wear a sprig of it as a mustache. 
8. This crazy little codependent dog. This is how he lets me know he's done with me being on the computer. The problem is that he's typically done as soon as I open it up. But he loves me. So there's that. ;-)

7. Finding moments of laughter in the midst of days of tears.
6. Macy has auditioned for several different parts in junior chorus, Vivace, and district chorus. She has only gotten feedback from one so far, but she got the part! She's so excited!
5. Preparing our Thanksgiving meal. Sweet therapy. Good for my heart.
4. Hearing Anne snore. I know that sounds weird, but after seeing her suffer so immensely for quite some time, it was beautiful indeed to see her resting comfortably.
3. Listening to Mark play piano and sing at his Mom's bedside. Preciousness.
2. Listening to Jeff share the entire Gospel story with one of Anne's nurses. So sweet and beautiful.
1. Packing every room of the Miserocchi home with prayer warriors on Sunday. This was gorgeousness.

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